HOME-X Cobalt Blue Glass Straw Dispenser, Straw Holder, Vintage Home Kitchen Accessories, Pop Up Stra Lid Dispenser, Depression Style

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This attractive Blue Glass Straw Dispenser is a standout piece when it comes to kitchen tools and dinnerware. This sturdy straw holder and storage container is a great way to keep your straws organized while shielding them from stray crumbs, specks of dust, or spillage as you display it in the kitchen or at gatherings. With its durable cylindrical glass container and metal lid, this straw holder keeps your straws contained and clean. This straw holder is a great addition to any home. Its cobalt-blue color will complement your kitchen’s color scheme or design style, from classic to modern, while adding a splash of color. It has a classic design with gentle lines and a clean silhouette. The transparent glass allows you to keep an eye on the amount of straws that are in the holder so you never need to worry about running out. It won’t take up excessive kitchen counter or table space and will easily fit on a full table or in a crowded cabinet. It is made with sturdy clear glass so you can safely transport between the kitchen and the dining room or any eating spot you choose. This glass container is top-rack dishwasher safe to avoid any possibility of heat damage. This straw holder comes with a metal lid that is easy to use. When you open the lid, the inner tray holding the straws will also lift with it so you can access the straws with ease. Keep your straws conveniently within reach so you can quickly grab a straw on your way out or pack it with you for a fun picnic in the park. The dispenser is a statement piece that you can leave displayed on your kitchen or bar counter or use to perfectly complement fun party decor. However you decide to use it, we know you’ll love our classic straw holder and will be happy to add it to your kitchenware.
CONVENIENT STRAW HOLDER WITH LID: This cobalt-blue glass straw holder is the ideal straw storage and decor piece for any home. The dispenser comes with a beautiful cylindrical holder with a metal lid. The transparent glass lets you keep an eye on your straws so you can know when to replace them.
VERSATILE USE: This fun straw holder can be used in a variety of ways. You can display the dispenser on your kitchen or bar counter for quick drinking access. You can take it with you on picnics or for use at parties to add a fun splash of color. It’s a great accessory to help you stay organized.
DECORATIVE ACCESSORY: The classic design of this straw holder makes it the perfect addition to your kitchen or dining room, no matter the style or color scheme. Its blue color brings brightness and personality to the space without overpowering the room, making it the perfect statement piece.
COMPACT STORAGE: This straw keeper was designed as a standing container so you can keep straws within reach without taking up much space on the counter or table. The metal lid keeps the straws from crumbs, dust, and spillage. When the lid is opened, the tray that holds the straws lifts with it.
UNIQUE DESIGN: This straw holder not only is functional but also adds an element of whimsy to the table. This container has a cobalt-blue glass cylinder and a metal cover. It’ll look great with your finest dinnerware or everyday dishes. It would make a unique gift that others are sure to love.

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